segunda-feira, setembro 24, 2007

Funny Games

Vale mesmo a pena ler este retrato de Michael Haneke, que terminou agora a rodagem de "Funny Games" - versão americana (à esquerda na imagem). O original austríaco é um dos melhores filmes de sempre. Os trailers podem ser vistos aqui. Haneke, the leader of the Cinematic Liberation Front, diz coisas como:
«“I saw ‘Pulp Fiction,’ of course, and it’s a very well done film,” he [Haneke] said. “The problem, as I see it, is with its comedy — there’s a danger there, because the humor makes the violence consumable. Humor of that kind is all right, even useful, as long as the viewer is made to think about why he’s laughing. But that’s something ‘Pulp Fiction’ fails to do.” When I mentioned Oliver Stone’s “Natural Born Killers,” another film that “Funny Games” has been compared with, Haneke shrugged. “Stone made the same mistake that Kubrick made. I use that film to illustrate a principle to my students — you can’t make an antifascist statement using fascist methods.”»


«“I was sitting in a bus, and suddenly it went out of control. For some reason I was responsible for everybody’s safety, but I couldn’t get the steering wheel to work: perhaps it was broken, perhaps someone else was preventing me. People were wandering up and down the street, and the bus ran them over, unavoidably, one after another. Somehow I was responsible for this, but I was helpless to prevent it.” He took a slow, thoughtful sip of his coffee. “A pretty terrible dream, but to me it seems representative of our current situation in the world. All of us are responsible but unable to change the direction of the bus — everyone in Europe, everyone in the so-called first world, is in that same position. A horrible predicament, almost unbearable if you think about it, but the bus keeps right on rolling.”»

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joao disse...

Achei o filme Austriaco muito desagradável de ver. O que não significa que seja um mau filme. A capacidade do realizador de nos fazer sentir mal na cadeira é brilhante. Mas achei que não passava muito disso mesmo: um acto de sadismo para com o espectador.