quarta-feira, abril 25, 2007

Mr. Spitzer and Gay Marriage

«Mr. Spitzer is right to be fighting for gay marriage. Civil unions and domestic partnerships are an important recognition of gay relationships by a state. But they still represent separate and unequal treatment. One federal study identified more than 1,100 rights or benefits that are accorded only to the legally married. (...) Now that he is ready to move, we are eager to hear him speak out more on this issue. There will be nothing easy about championing this simple moral imperative. But it is a fight well worth the governor’s full efforts.»
Editorial de ontem do The New York Times, em defesa do casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo, que o governador nova-iorquino já prometeu introduzir naquele estado, que seria então o segundo nos Estados Unidos. Que jornal por cá poderia produzir um editorial destes? Resposta: nenhum, todos controlados pelo lóbi homofóbico.

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