sexta-feira, março 16, 2007

As you like it

O Demos é um think-tank the esquerda, e o relatório "As you like it" pode ser lido aqui. Uma amostra:

«Other languages, like Mandarin, Urdu, Portuguese and Spanish, are likely to rise in influence and reflect the growing power of China, India and South America. Now, there could be about 1.3 billion speakers of English, and only about 330 million of those native. This is the reality of global English. The overwhelming majority of speakers are non-native, and as people bring with them different cultures and contexts, and different experiences of using English, so the language itself has changed. English is now more a language family than a single language with different forms appearing such as ‘Chinglish’, ‘Hinglish’ and ‘Singlish’.»
E também há o Portinglês, claro.

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